Sunday, March 31, 2013

We Choose Virtues Review

We Choose Virtues has been a great addition to our homeschool and home in general. It's a program that helps to instill virtues in children in a fun and encouraging way. I recieved a set of Virtue flashcards (mine are the NIV version, but they also come in KJV and Secular), a sample of the parenting cards, a download of the family character assessment, teacher handbook, coloring pages, and a butterfly award for when all the virtues are completed. There are many other products on the website that can be used at home, in a homeschool, or in a church setting.

I did the family character assessment and chose the virtues we were going to do and in what order. Every Monday I introduced the virtue, character, Bible verse, story behind the character, the message, and the antonyms. We reviewed all these things throughout the week and talked about how we can embody this virtue. My daughter also colored the color page for the virtue during the week as a reminder. All the virtue cards that we have done as well as the finished coloring pages are on the walls in the school room. We review them from time to time.

This program has helped my daughter to remember what each virtue means and has given her solid examples of how she can live out each one. I love when she brings up one of the characters when she is talking about what she should and shouldn't do. It shows me that it is sinking in. I would recommend this program to families, homeschoolers, and churches.

Along with this review I am able to offer a coupon to all of you. Just use the code VIRTUE 15 for 15% off your order. The best thing is there is no expiration date! I have another code too HOME20 which is good for 20% off the Homeschool kit and is only good until the end of April.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Time has gotten away from me....again :)

I have started a blog post at least 5 10 times since my last one. Time has truly just gotten away from me. We have been doing some fun things these last few weeks, but have also been working through some attitude and behavior things. I never imagined that we would be going through these things already, she is only 6! Let's focus on the positive though....

Two weeks ago I decided that we needed a Spirit Week of sorts to break things up a little bit and just have some silly fun. Monday was Pajama Day (I know some homeschoolers do everyday in their pj's and I have nothing against that, it just works better for us to get dressed everyday). I forgot to take a picture that day though :( Tuesday was Mismatch Day. I had to laugh when Little One came out in matching socks (she doesn't do that on a normal day lol)

Wednesday was Crazy Hair Day. This one was probably the most fun. It also turned into the most awkward when we went out later in the day.
Thursday was What I Want To Be When I Grow Up Day. She wants to be a Veterinarian (and a singer, and a dancer, and a cupcake baker, etc., etc.)

Friday we wore green for St. Patrick's Day (I know, not very creative but Hey! it was Friday lol)


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review of Seed Starting-The First Step to Gardening

So, this isn't exactly about homeschooling. It is related to homesteading though; where come Spring this blog may meander a bit. We have a big garden and put up what we don't eat right away for the following winter. I plan on including the planning, planting, weeding, harvesting, and preserving into our homeschool days. This brings me to an e-book that I was able to review: Seed Starting-The First Step to Gardening by Gary Emmett.


This book would be great for a new gardener as well as a veteran one. It goes through starting plants from seeds step by step from planning your garden to getting ready to transplant your plants into the garden. The author goes through all these steps in detail. The book even includes links to where you can buy seeds to get started. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to start plants from seed to plant.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

At our house, we love Dr. Seuss books. One of the first books I read to our Little One was Horton Hears a Who. She was born at 2lb. 2oz. 12 weeks early so reading her "A person's a person no matter how small" seemed like the right thing to do. We have read Dr. Seuss books together ever since. She is now learning to read by reading his books. I hope that one day she will share them with her own children.

 Monday afternoon we are going to a special Dr. Seuss birthday party at our local library. This past week though we did a few activities to celebrate. One I pulled together at the last minute, but it turned out a lot better than I expected. I collect all sorts of things that I think I may be able to use at some point for a project. I was glad that I had on Friday when I saw oatmeal containers in my collection and knew that we had to make Cat in the Hat hats.

“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.” 
― Dr. Seuss