Monday, May 7, 2012

Here I go...

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now. I love to write and get my ideas out there. I just couldn't quite find the direction I wanted to go in (and I'm not not most computer saavy person). The direction issue is why this has really been so long in making (my amazing sister Jenn from Dainty Revelations has gotten me over the computer issue: she has encouraged me, walked me through the startup process step by step, and made my banner).  When my daughter was a baby, she is 6 now, I thought about doing a mommy blog. She was a preemie and I was nursing and I wanted to chronicle that. Well, that never happened. I went back to work, got busy, and well you get the picture. Then about a year ago I started getting into couponing and thought that was the way to break in. I could submerge myself in that already oversaturated market! That idea fizzled as it wasn't really where my heart was. A few months ago, my husband reintroduced the idea of homeschooling our daughter to me. Basically he came home and said I want you to not go back to work at the high school next fall and homeschool. I don't think I even hesitated! So, the countdown has begun to coming home again, home again jiggity jigg!

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