Monday, February 11, 2013

Creativity Abounds

I love how homeschool allows my daughter to be so creative. Not only does she have a say in what she learns and how, she also extends her learning in her own creative ways. A couple of weeks ago we were learning about birds. She did the work that I had planned and then decided that she wanted to make bird costumes and  act out a bird dance show. She even made tickets so we could all come see her show. I was just looking and sadly I didn't get any pictures. I need to become much better at that.

I also love that she can do more or less of what we are working on. She can take the subject and run with it. I asked her last night what she wanted to work specifically on in Science next year since I am looking into curriculum. She thought about it for awhile and then told me that she wanted to dance :)

Homeschooling is about learning. It's about doing what is best for our family. At our house, for the most part it's about being creative and dancing!


  1. Interpretative science dancing sounds pretty awesome to me! :)

  2. We think so :) Thanks for reading!