Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Turn Your Day Around

It's not just kids, we all can have that kind of a day. You know the kind...everything is going fine, we are happy the world is rosy. Then, BAM! Everything goes downhill, fast. Anything could be the catalyst for this change...getting hurt (physically or emotionally), not getting enough rest, getting frustrated or overwhelmed. You name it, it can change a day fast..it all depends on the person. For my daughter, it is often a combination of these things with some hormones sprinkled in :) Today was one of these days.

Everything started out fine. School was running along smoothly, we were doing some fun Valentine's Day crafts and activities, and then a simple Math problem threw her day into an uproar. It wasn't simply the problem of course, it was also both of our attitudes regarding it. There was some miscommunication and some frustration (on both our ends). She did recover from it though and got her work done and we left for speech. After speech we had lunch and then went to visit family for a little while. That is when the second half of her rough day happened. She was playing with her cousin and was just having a difficult time of it. She would raise her vioce, then cry, then laugh, then be crying again all in the matter of seconds. She didn't seem to be happy being there, but she was even less happy about leaving.

When we got home she was still very upset and I told her she needed to take a nap or at least stay in her room until she "turned her day around." We also often tell her that she needs to restart or reset her day. She has even began referring to these herself and following through. We almost always pray together about it. Today what she needed was to curl herself up in her bed and "read all her books." She came out when her day was "turned around". The flexibility of homeschool is that we can finish our work when that is done or try again tomorrow.

How do you deal with these kind of days?

                              What our day looked like before it turned into "one of those days"

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