Saturday, February 2, 2013

February already?

First of all, does Groundhog Day mess anyone else up? I keep thinking it's the first of the month. So, it is indeed the February already and Ol' Phil says it's going to be an early Spring. Little One seems to think that means that Spring weather starts tomorrow...that would be nice. We got our taxes done tonight which means I need to make some serious decisions about next year because we will be able to pay for curriculum soon :) I am leaning toward My Father's World, sticking with Horizons Math, transitioning toward cursive, and still thinking about Language Arts. I am getting really excited about starting reviews with Mosaic Reviews and am working on a test one right now on a blog planner.

Little One has shown a lot of interest in early American history lately. I kept reading about The Liberty's Kids series and how much other homeschool families love them. We do too now! Little One wants to watch them all the time. It's what she's been asking to watch during her t.v. time. She is a visual learner so I think it is helping her a lot to understand what we have been reading and talking about. She has been merging the videos with what we read in the American Girl Felicity books so she talks about the characters in the show by the corresponding characters in the books' names. It makes me feel like she is really putting it together, in her way.

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